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CryptoQuikRead_130 - Media Coverage of Bitcoin is Still a Total Disaster

  • Baltic Honeybadger 2018 Bitcoin conference, Riga, day 1

    Timestamp: 35:48 - The Reserve Currency Fallacy by Eric Voskuil 1:05:34 - Trustlessness, Scalability, and Directions in Security Models by Matt Corallo 1:41:42 - 1 on 1: Current state of the market & institutional investors Leo Weiss with Tone Vays & Bruce Fenton 2:38:19 - The future of Bitcoin smart contracts by Max Keidun 3:02:50 - The Bitcoin Standard as a layered scaling solution by Saifedean Ammous (via Skype) 3:36:10 - Beyond Bitcoin: Decentralized collaboration by Yurii Rashkovskii 4:06:30 - 1 on 1: The future of Bitcoin wallets with Pavol Rusnak & Lawrence Nahum, moderated by Giacomo Zucco 5:48:10 - Extreme OPSEC for the Modern Cypherpunk by Jameson Lopp 6:24:20 - 1 on 1: Bitcoin payment processing and merchants with Sergej Kotliar & Alena Vranova, moderated by Vortex 6:55:01 - 1 on 1: Present and future tech challenges in Bitcoin with Peter Todd & Adam Back, moderated by Pierre Roberge 7:48:45 - The Future of Lightning by Elizabeth Stark 8:24:10 - 1 on 1: Investing in bitcoin businesses with Nic Carter & Florian Maier, moderated by Matthew Mežinskis 8:52:10 - Closing panel with Elizabeth Stark, Peter Todd, Jameson Lopp, Eric Voskuil, Alex Petrov, moderated by Roman Snitko

  • Mapping out bitcoin’s supply chain - The Block

    The Block complements our writings and analyses with charts, graphs, and maps is to give our readers a comprehensive look at the complex crypto ecosystem. Even the veteran Bitcoiner can get lost in the twist and turns that is the bitcoin labyrinth. Here, we take a high-level…

  • The Business of Bitcoin Cold Storage – Nik Bhatia

    Bitcoin is digital gold, and this continues to be its most appropriate and concise metaphor. I recently discussed some parallels between…

  • Pierre Rochard [⚡️] (@pierre_rochard)

    Why I’m focused on Bitcoin: • Schelling point consensus • p2p network governance with full nodes • proof-of-work secure timestamping • Lindy effect / first mover advantage • fixed issuance schedule • prudent engineering culture • promising research: lightni…

  • Bitcoin or Shitcoin? (highlights from our Spectator debate)

    BitMEX’s recent live event with The Spectator (“Who’s afraid of Bitcoin?”) was an exclusive affair, with fewer than 200 people in the theatre. All the sessio…

  • The LTB Network [Jan/3➞₿ 🔑∎] (@TheLTBNetwork)

    Check out the latest episode of @TheCryptoShow featuring @ProfFaustus and @DanielKrawisz - this time discussing thoughts on the #fork, the origins of #bitcoin and #LightningNetwork.

  • Why Bitcoin Is Not a Startup – The Bitcoin Observer – Part II — MoE As a Unique Type of Economic Good


  • Ragnar Lifthrasir 🏴 (@Ragnarly)

    @brian_trollz @peterktodd Bitcoin is a place where we can all learn, make mistakes, and sometimes be assholes, but be quickly forgiven. Unless you don’t admit your mistakes anddouble down on them. I think Bitcoin is a relatively benign, forgiving place. But I grew up dif…

  • Christopher Allen (@ChristopherA)

    The view amongst most bitcoin people I know is not that they don’t care about privacy or fungibility — they care very very much…But it’s one that cannot fail, or it’s one that we better not cause to fail. And that takes precedence over everything else.”— A…

  • Bitcoin Black Cab (@btcblackcab)

    I’m fed up with being judged as unreasonable for supporting bitcoin. I’m interested in bitcoin. No one says to an ethereum supporter “why don’t you give credence to dentacoin or doge or whatever”. I back bitcoin and I back people that back bitcoin.…

  • David 🖍 @dksf

    1/ Censorship Resistant Non-Sovereign Monetary Store Of Value is a simple Bitcoin utility which doesn’t require that I find the other participants to transact with to get utility (though I must believe they exist). It’s functionally similar to a single-player mode for Bitcoin.

  • Kyle Samani (@KyleSamani)

    0/ Bitcoin is by definition a pyramid scheme / multi-level marketing scheme

    To be fair, it’s the most “fair” and egalitarian pyramid scheme ever devised, but it is none the less a pyramid scheme

  • Jay 4.669 [ #NOhalfX ]

    Fundamental theory of Bitcoin: Distributed consensus can be reached on the condition, 1) nodes continuously and indpendently derived the same random variables 2) outcome is independently verifiable 3) real world effort implicitly tied to digital signatures

  • Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] (@SatoshiLite)

    1/ On-chain Bitcoin and Litecoin payments are not peer-to-peer. Payments are sent from sender to miners, who record it on a distributed ledger. The recipient receives the payment when it’s recorded. BUT, this is facilitated by a p2p network where transactions are broadcast…