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Market Cycles

  • [ Romano ] (@RNR_0)

    Sell your kidney now to buy bitcoin & buy 3 kidneys back later.

    Here’s the multi million dollar chart you need.

  • Willy Woo (@woonomic)

    Bitcoin has seen only 3 bear markets in its history. We are in the third one now. One signal we can use to determine the end of the bear is for the price to cross above its 200 day moving average. ( this is a big discussion in itself)


  • Elaine Ou 🐤 (@eiaine)

    People like to point out that Bitcoin’s irreversible transactions enable fraud, but never bother to mention that merchants lose $190 BILLION to chargebacks every year. Risk doesn’t ever disappear, we just push the liability on to someone else.

  • The Bitcoin Risk Spectrum – Nik Bhatia – Medium - CryptoQuikRead_109

    Bitcoin is already a reserve asset. It is the world’s first true example of decentralized digital scarcity, and its elegant, predetermined…

  • Jameson Lopp (@lopp)

    Libbitcoin developer @evoskuil on risk and security.


Deflationary Nature of Bitcoin

  • CryptoZerp (@CryptoZerp)

    Eventually, you will need to accept the fact that #bitcoin was hard coded to pump. 1) Every 4 years the supply cuts in half. 2) Every single day more and more people want to buy it.

  • Bitcoin’s Deflationary Weirdness

    The purpose of our brief discussion was just to provide some general background information for Arnie’s listeners about Bitcoin, including what bitcoins are and why anyone would buy them or accept them in exchange for goods and services. We touched on several topics related to the Bitcoin phenomenon, but there is one very peculiar and puzzling feature of Bitcoin that we didn’t get to discuss and that seems especially important to me: the Bitcoin system has what appears to be a built-in deflationary architecture.

Electronic Cash - Why the State Demands Control of Money


Austrain Economics


  • Tone Vays [@Bitcoin] (@ToneVays)

    Big Announcement by @giacomozucco & @AlenaSatoshi at #bh2018 by @hodlhodl of the formation of @TheBFoundation to support #Bitcoin development & education efforts. Afiliated members are @sysmannet @francispouliot @Trezor @WhalePanda @starkness @adam3us @lopp & more.

  • Fact or FUD — “BlockStream , Inc is the main force behind Bitcoin (and taken over)”

    The first user selected topic on “BlockStream” and the perpetuated belief that they are in control of Bitcoin. In typical WhaleCalls fashion, we will address and discuss the verifiable facts first, then our commentary will follow. This way you can choose to stop reading.

Bull Bitcoin



Epicenter - Alex Morcos: Chaincode Labs and Why Bitcoin is Our One Shot at Creating Digital Gold - Nov 21, 2017

Making sense of Lightning network nodes and money transmission licensing

An update on Coin Center’s work to avoid unnecessary regulatory burdens on technologists.

Vortex (@theonevortex)

Know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) laws are authoritarian tools disguised as consumer protection & designed to keep financial institutions working directly w/the state in power. If you are a dev REMOVE these reqs now & instead tie account to a BTC a…

Can You Really ‘Know’ a Customer Who Uses Bitcoin?

Services are cropping up that help banks analyze bitcoin transactions for signs of criminal behavior such as money laundering. But such services come with their own risks.

How Do Private Digital Currencies Affect Government Policy? by Max…

This paper provides a systematic evaluation of the different types of digital currencies. We express skepticism regarding centralized digital currencies and the

  • California Passes Bill Defining Blockchain and Crypto Terms

    A draft law designed to amend California’s legislation to create legal grounds for the implementation of crypto-related technologies has been passed by the state’s legislature. Assembly Bill 2658 contains important definitions of some key blockchain and crypto terms.

A Short Introduction to the World of Cryptocurrencies - Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, First Quarter 2018

In this article, we give a short introduction to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The focus of the introduction is on Bitcoin, but many elements are shared by other blockchain implementations and alternative cryptoassets. The article covers the original idea and motivation, the mode of operation and possible applications of cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. We conclude that Bitcoin has a wide range of interesting applications and that cryptoassets are well suited to become an important asset class. (JEL G23, E50, E59)

Economics - The Central Bank Bubble: It Will Be Ugly

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