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Sorry, Bitcoin is still Anarchist - Zack Voell - Medium - CryptoQuikRead_185 - Using Bitcoin is monetary anarchist politicking. Frank Braun (@thefrankbraun)

1/9 Cryptoanarchy is the realization of anarchy (as in “no ruler/coercion”) by means of cryptography, it undermines observation and attribution, and is ultimately subversive. Technologies of non-attribution, untraceability, opaqueness and confidentiality are its political…



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  • Eric Lombrozo (@eric_lombrozo)

    Layer 1 governance is not socially scalable unless we either ruthlessly minimize the number of issues it addresses or sacrifice some of the key properties that give a blockchain value.

  • Eric Lombrozo (@eric_lombrozo)

    Every governance issue a blockchain attempts to address in layer 1 is another attack vector.

  • Francis Pouliot ⚡️ (@francispouliot_)

    Bank of Canada study concludes Bitcoin is sufficiently protected againt 51% attacks/double spend. How? Incentives alignement + proof-of-work energy (game theory). Three major conclusion highlighted below w/ my comments. #hyperbitcoinization

  • zooko (@zooko)

    @SarahJamieLewis Work on the assumption that every concentration of power will eventually be abused. We can call this “Lewis’s Principle”.

  • Kevin Kwok (@kevinakwok)

    Was reminded this weekend of one of my favorite charts–from @ChristopherA’s blog post. It shows cooperation within a group as size scales, for groups where a) no punishment, b) punishment of defectors, and c) punishment of defectors and non-punishers

  • Bitcoin Governance – Pierre Rochard – Medium

    Bitcoin’s governance matters because Bitcoin is the first successful, most liquid, and most widely known crypto-currency. In the words of Michael Goldstein, “Sound money is a foundational pillar of civilization, and Bitcoin restores this powerful tool for social coordination.” If Bitcoin’s governance model is flawed, it could prevent Bitcoin from reaching its full potential. If Bitcoin’s governance is flawed, Bitcoin’s stakeholders should work to fix it.

  • Christopher Allen (@ChristopherA)

    An analysis shows that information flow between individuals in a social network can be ‘gerrymandered’ to skew perceptions of how others in the community will vote — which can alter the outcomes of elections.”

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    Browser extension to show user biases on Crypto Twitter. - lukechilds/coinflict-of-interest

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  • Jameson Lopp (@lopp)

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